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Mutually, safety and discretion are my highest priorities.

I will typically respond to your inquiry within a couple of hours.

I appreciate at least a 24-hour advance reservation when seeking my company,  as I always strive to be my best.  This is especially important for first-time meetings, so I can verify your references and complete my screening process.

Anyone opposed to being screened need not bother requesting my company, with all due respect, but I will not barter, negotiate, nor explain the necessity of this mandatory safety measure.  I only ask for enough information to verify you safe and sane, so partially submitted content will likely result in no reply to your inquiry.  My screening methods filter out undesirable characters, drastically reducing risk of harm, and likewise promoting your safety and security, as well as mine.  If the risk of exposure through verification/screening is of concern, then it is not wise to date anyone online who does not screen.  You then risk potential danger, by jeopardizing discretion and subjecting yourself to exploitation from possible negative people she allows around her. She will undoubtedly have heavy traffic, of whom she knows nothing about, regarding character and the threshold of everyone's security.

Safety is paramount for everyone, and just as we ladies who date online screen, so should anyone seeking their company.  By these means, you will also discover who can be trusted with your information.  If you need assistance regarding this procedure, please, feel free to contact me, regardless of whom you are considering.  You can verify my credentials by typing "kelsistylez" into any search engine, or confirm such verification through P411, member ID:  P65276.  Playing it safe ensures the anticipated dating or friendship experience you seek.

...THEREFORE, anyone whom I have not yet met must complete and submit this screening form for my personal protection... 
No Exceptions !  I thank you for your cooperation and look forward to meeting, provided you are an aspiring, generous and respectful gentleman, discernibly seeking like interpersonal interaction of distinctive quality.  Until such a connection unites us...

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